VHS to digital conversion for posterity


sailboats on lake okoboji on 09/03/1989 the picture looks great for being on an old VHS for so long!

One day I had a thought.

What if I could convert all of these old VHS tapes over to digital and preserve this great family posterity?

How complicated is it?

How tedious is it?

My mind kept running, so I searched online to see what’s out there. There are a lot of services¬†out there that charge anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 per videotape!

Looking at the rack of VHS tapes at my parents house I cringed, that’s a lot of videotapes! There has to be a more affordable option.

Of course there is! The DIY conversion!

The first thing I found was the easy cap¬†converter. At a whole $7.97 for the equipment I thought AWESOME! That’s less than sending 1 tape off to be converted at one of the services. I thought it would work with my mac too.

WRONG! I was so wrong!

First off it did NOT work with my mac as it said. It worked with my laptop running windows 7. It worked to get the video but the audio was horrible. It was all slow, it sounded like a horror movie or something. Not good!

Lesson learned, you get what you pay for!

Then I found a great converter, specifically for mac, and a portable hard drive to store all of the video on.

I got the little Vidbox converter for mac and it has worked very well! The picture and the sound quality are great! It says it can also record gameplay, I currently don’t have any of my game consoles with me to try this out right now but will update when I can try it out.

Here’s a video clip from the conversion. This video is from 1995



Here are some still images that I captured from a tape, me baking pies with my grandma.

snapshop from a video where I made pies with my grandma, we started baking together when I was 2 years old.I added the filling to the pies and grandma put them in the oven.the trick to getting a nice golden brown pie crust is this activity right here. Brushing egg yolks onto the pie crust before putting it in the oven.

Yes it’s great moments like this that I know will make the family tree come to life.

This process requires a lot of patience because it plays through the entire VHS tape to convert it. If there’s 20hrs of video that you need that is how long it will take to convert. I’ve found it’s easy to start recording a tape and just let it go for however long the tape is (30 minutes, 1hr, 2hrs) and switch out the tapes as needed.

It was nice to watch the video as it converted. All the posterity haha!

This is not counting how long it takes to go through all of the video and edit it!

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