Internet marketing

I’ll begin with one of the most annoying things on the internet today, marketing. We’ve all signed onto facebook and have seen the sponsored posts they have of “answers pages” and what not that has a list of 100 great things that you have to click through. Why should one have to click through so much content? To get more page clicks and make profit for whoever put the stupid page together! The atlantic talks about the “slideshows drive traffic”  myth in more detail.


I tried to learn about it and affiliate marketing, but I honestly can’t do it. There’s a part of my soul that just screams “THIS IS WRONG!” Ever since escaping the JW cult I stop and think for a while about what’s really going on and why. I’m also annoyed by the learning websites that teach all about affiliate marketing, getting set up and making cash! Then proceed to teach you how to make a great website with these click through slideshows to get more clicks and make cash by annoying the hell out of your audience!

The more and more I read into the topic of marketing and careers in marketing I want to puke. I’m starting to hate my current job, not exactly the job its self but the environment that I have to work in. I thought HEY if I can work at home in an environment that’s comfortable for me that’d be AWESOME but I can’t bring myself to do that kind of work.

I feel like it’s just a scam. It’s as if cardboard was molded and painted to look like a cupcake and the minute that you bite into it you want to gag. Now you’re pissed because the salesman lied to you, and you have a nasty taste of cardboard and paint in your mouth. Ok that might be a little extreme but that’s how I feel about marketing!

So as of today I am going through this whole site. I am taking all affiliated links off of it. I won’t post any advertisements on it. This will be an ad free website.

What do you guys think about the click through slideshows?

5 misconceptions about pregnant women

rixa 30 weeks pregnant
rixa 30 weeks pregnant

This is one of the big reasons I didn’t do very much with this site recently. I was pregnant with my first baby. During that time I saw just how insane and annoying some humans are toward pregnant women. I also saw just how amazing life on this earth is. It is an experience to carry another life inside your body.

My favorite moments were the ones where I was alone with the bump. I feel like I really got to know her a little bit before she was born by doing that. I could feel how she was laying in there and all the kicks!

Here are some things I observed while out and about with my baby bump that were annoying. I know a lot of people mean well but stop doing this!


5. That pregnant women are always in the third trimester when announcing the news

At first I was super excited I told the whole world after I hit 12 weeks. Right away at work people would step in front of me to lift heavy things and would have me sit down because when they were pregnant they weren’t allowed to lift much of anything. They would just  nod and smile back or say, “Well you don’t look pregnant.” I just smiled and laughed it off and lifted heavy things anyway because my doctor said to keep going about my day as I normally would for now.

But all those smiles slowly fell off my face when I had to walk outside and face the world after week 21. By this point I had weight restrictions which meant I couldn’t do my normal job, that made me sad. I was starting to get big enough for my belly to show, and even though I told everyone at week 12 that I was pregnant. Nobody gave a damn until this point when the belly just started showing. But this is when the next worse thing started..


4. That pregnant women NEED to hear your story about being pregnant and giving birth

After people started seeing the bump I think something clicks in their head and they no longer saw anyone else standing there but themselves. Once they saw my belly and confirmed that I was pregnant it started,”Oh wow! when I was pregnant I…….” and it went on for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It was always about how fabulous being pregnant was for them. All the food they ate, how they didn’t have to work, how they lounged around the house all day because they didn’t have to work and could eat whatever they wanted. Drug usage during pregnancy (apparently some feel smoking/drinking/taking x amount of cigarettes/ beer/drugs per day is safe) and all of these characters think that you NEED to know this information!

Then the, “When I gave birth to my son/daughter……..” horror stories. Seriously?! Just because There’s a baby bump does not mean I want to hear about your gory c-section and other birth stories.

Sure some of that information can be useful but wait until they ask! Don’t just start talking like they’re your long lost self that will benefit 100% from your personal experience!


3. All small talk with pregnant women must be baby questions

Every day for weeks people would ask the same questions over and over again..

“How is your pregnancy? When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? What are you going to name it? How far along are you?”

Pregnant women are humans too. It’s preferred if you just talk to them as if they didn’t have the bump. Ask how they are doing, ask about anything else other than the obvious! Or better yet. DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!


2. unsolicited advice

This goes on after the baby is born too. It starts out in pregnancy as: baby name advice, ” I don’t like the name you picked out! Use this name.” Diet advice, ” Remember you’re eating for 2!” “Don’t have that soda it’s bad for the baby!” Seriously?! One coffee/soda is fine once in a while. Unless your doctor says so. Medical advice, “Oh you’re throwing up? You must have morning sickness.” Thank you captain obvious! You are fired from being my doctor!

Wait until they ask for you to give them advice on something don’t just tell them because they have a bump or a baby.

1. touching the belly


If you’re close with them like close friend or family ask. If you’re not… GO THE FUCK AWAY!


What was the most irritating thing said to you when pregnant?