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I’ve been sick for the past few weeks. No doctor really knows for sure what’s wrong so they prescribed me medications until I could get in to see a specialist. These medications make me tired and unable to function. I really hate taking them and feeling drugged up. I thought that I could try some herbal supplements or some other natural way to deal with this vomiting blood, nausea, madness.


I know ginger has been a known to help with nausea for a long long time. My sister suggested that I try some couscous and ashitaba leaves. I knew that the local grocery store didn’t have such things so I went to the natural food store hoping they would have it. I found the couscous but when I asked about the ashitaba leaves they didn’t have any but pointed me toward some ginger herbal supplement and probiotics. The naturopath also suggested that I get rid of all dairy, wheat, and go gluten free! I tried so hard not to roll my eyes at that point but I might have slipped and actually did it. The gluten free diet is only going to help if you have celiac disease, if you don’t it’s useless! It can do more harm than good. It’s also more expensive. This naturopath sales associate that gets commission off of selling product suggests that I go gluten free. I refuse to buy it. No doctor (all 5 I’ve seen in the past month) has suggested that celiac disease is a possibility, or any diet change is going to help me.


Trying to get out of a store with nosey sales associates is no fun. I eventually got to the checkout and decided to get the ginger extract that was suggested.


I got home and tried it. The bottle said:

suggested use of ginger extract: shake well before using take up to 40 drops in 2oz of water or juice, 2-5 times per day. Best taken between meals.Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat & light.

I started using the eyedropper to put it into a glass and realized this stuff smells strong so I only put 4 drops in and filled the rest of the 12oz glass with water and drank it. ICK! That was some strong stuff that burnt your throat and tasted like ginger afterward. Then I felt weird but my pain was gone, I thought nothing of it. The medications that were prescribed to me made me feel funny for weeks. I quit taking all of them 6hrs before trying this. I decided not to take any more for the day.


The next day I decided to try it again so I put another 4 eye drops into a glass and put a 12oz can of sprite in it. A few minutes after chugging it I felt weird again. I recognized this feeling, buzzed. I felt like I just took a shot of hard liquor. The last drink I had was in August 2013. I went back to the cupboard and looked at the bottle. I see this:

bottle label with ingredients: certified organic alcohol (70-80%), distilled water & certified organic ginger GLUTEN FREE!


70-80% certified organic alcohol?! My god that’s in between absinthe and everclear! 70-80% alcohol = 140-160 proof! No wonder it burns going down and they say keep it away from heat. That shit is highly flammable!


What really pissed me off is that in this health food store they had a computer that you could look up the exact medication you’re taking to see if any supplements would affect it. I looked up my medications and it didn’t say that the herbal supplements would have any effect. I was about ready to puke all over those sales associates so I had to get out of the store ASAP.

warning labels on my medication: May cause drowsiness alcohol may intensify this effect. use caution while operating machinery. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FullSizeRender


These are the warning labels that are on my medications. That I saw when I got home. Now I’m glad I didn’t take any of these before taking that herbal supplement drink because I hated how tired these pills made me and the alcohol would have made it worse. I had bleeding in my stomach that’s why I was medicated in the first place, to stop throwing up and let my body heal! Alcohol of any kind is going to make it worse!


Then I thought, ok, if I got a buzz off of 4 drops of this stuff mixed with 12oz of water or sprite. What does 40 drops look like? Since I only took 1/10th of what the bottle suggested and got a buzz I wanted to see. When I drank heavily and mixed drinks I always used single shot glasses for measurement but all I could find for this is a double shot glass

my tequila rose double shot glass empty


Then I put 4 drops in it. The amount that I took


That’s a pansy amount of alcohol if you’re looking to get drunk! But if you’re on medication that says DON’T DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES! That’s too much! Now let’s see 40 drops.

double shot glass with 40 drops of extract in it. It's really close to the halfway mark so 40 drops is close to 1 shot


Well it’s close to the middle. I think it’s a little under half way but still really close to 1 shot. So if for whatever reason you take the maximum amount suggested on the bottle with the directions, you’re taking 1 shot of 140-160 proof alcohol with 2oz of water/juice. 2 – 5 times per day. That’s a strong cocktail right there.


If you take this amount daily for an extended period of time you’re going to get really sick. This ginger extract is only one example of it. There are tons of other herbal supplements out there that are 35-40% alcohol (70-80 proof). That’s in between vodka and rum. Herbal supplement drinks with extract like this are one alcoholic cocktail per day and will carry the same exact side effects of having one alcoholic cocktail per day. Liver damage has been a big problem with these herbal supplements. The other part of my is just stunned at how this is legal. If this product can be given to children daily, you’re basically handing them a cocktail every day. How much damage is going to happen if you give a kid a wine cooler every day for their health? It can’t be good!


Just because things are sold in a health food store, or labeled as something that is supposed to make you feel better naturally doesn’t mean that it is true. I decided to go get a ginger root and put it in food and tea myself without any extra ingredients. That has helped me a lot, lesson learned!


Buyer beware! Make sure to check the alcohol content in herbal supplements. Do not take them daily!

I’m not very religious but I do agree with 1 Timothy 5:23 that says:

“No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.”

At that rate it might be better just to go out and buy a bottle of red wine to drink once a week or so.


Have you tried any herbal supplements?

What are your stories?

Tell about it in the comments!

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